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MySQL Database Being the Second most widely used Relational Database makes it one of the database to learn if you are looking forward to develop a database driven application.

Are you a Web Developer? An Application Developer? or A Programmer?Then MySQL Database should be one of the Mandatory Database in your "To Learn" list. If you don't know MySQL yet or if you are new to any database then this is your go to course to learn SQL and also MySQL Database.

If you are learning or want to learn PHP, PYTHON, PEARL or RUBY then you should learn MySQL as well as this is the Database that is used by most of the developer who prefer the previously mentioned programming languages. If you are Web Developer and you don't know MySQL yet then most won't recommend you to call yourself as a Web Developer yet.

MySQL is one of the most used and go to database for pretty much all the web developer who pick PHP, PEARL or Python without a second thought.

What you'll learn

Create a Well Structure Database
Handle a Database with Pretty good efficiency
Create a Database that can handle itself on most conditions
Create MySQL Queries that are efficient and clear
Understand the errors as they occur and rectify them
Administrate the Database with Ease
Create SQL Queries for Database Driven Applications
Spot abnormality in Database Table
Database Structure as needed for good design
Indexing Tables for Better Performance
Good practices to be followed


A laptop or computer and enthusiasm and a desire to learn.
Basic Knowledge about using a Computer
This course is for people who are new Databases or SQL
All who are willing to learn MySQL
Web Developers
Application Developers
If there is anywhere a word called MySQL in things you want to learn then is the right course for you



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