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Top three concepts to understand before hiring a MySQL tutor


What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source, relational database management system typically running at 3306 port as default.Since MySQL is open source ,it allows programmers to customize MySQL to fit according to their requirements.

It supports standard structured query language. It is used by a large number of web applications.

Students should be aware about terms like database and computer programming language,As these are prerequisites of learning MySQL.Before hiring a MySQL tutor you should know the basics of MySQL database , Which helps you to understand better from the very beginning of course.

1.Salient Features of MySQL :-

• MySQL is fully multithreaded and can use multiple CPUs for processing.

• MySQL works on various Operating systems and with many programming languages like Java,PHP,C,C++

• MySQL provides Innodb as a transactional storage engine that has ACID(Atomicity,Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) property.

• MySQL has a high-speed thread-based memory allocation system.

• MySQL supports an in-memory heap table.

• MySQL Server works in client/server or embedded systems.

• MySQL supports multiple platforms.

2.Mysql - installation

For Windows

Visit to download offline or online package.Unzip the package in any of your computer drives and you will find a setup.exe file which needs to be executed.One can change root user password during installation.

After installation MYSQL service can be started from windows services as well as from command prompt..

Steps to start MySQL database from window services :-

a. Press Window + R and then type services.msc, press OK.

b.Right Click on MySQL service and press start.

 For Linux

a.Open terminal type command “sudo apt-get install mysql-server” for ubuntu

Now Type command “mysql -v” to find the version of your MySQL and connect to MySQL

Type command “select user from mysql.user;” to find all your mysql users

3.How to change the password of your root(MySQL) user?

MySQL comes with an empty root password. As soon as MySQL database is installed you need to change the root password.

Open your mysql terminal and enter

alter user root@localhost identified by ‘YOURPASSWORD’;

Now you can enter command “sudo mysql -u root -p” to enter mysql as root

You can start MySQL server from terminal with command mysqld start.

MySQL database is started now.

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