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Top 7 proven ways to improve maths with help of maths tutor


Top 7 proven ways to improve maths with help of maths tutor

Mathematics is considered to be one the major subjects for future aspects and career of the generations to come. Concept clarity and application of the knowledge go hand in hand when mathematics is concerned.

Maths also plays a very important role in our daily life, from addition and subtraction in the payment process while shopping to doing calculations of runs and goals while watching your favorite cricket or football matches. 

It is very important to learn mathematics from a qualified maths tutor, as maths is mandatory in almost every exam from entrance exams to competitive exams.

Who is a math tutor?

   Maths tutor is a person who is well qualified in maths and has the ability to teach basic and advanced concepts of mathematics to students.

  1. Mathematics tutor will provide deep analytical skills to the child in order to cope up with the mathematics struggles.
  2. The inference of linear equations done on the various levels can be solved better with the help of application of logistics and not only with rote learning.
  3. Geometry is not far from the conceptual framework. Children find an easy way while memorizing the Pythagoras but why to memorize when the same can be related to your routine life. 
  4. Statistical tools are known to be of primary importance when we calculate the price index and income status of our country. When the sigma can be best understood with factual knowledge and simply by relating the complexities of formulae with reality then retaining those formulae will be a                 cakewalk. Students' statistical quotient will be boosted to a better level with the methodologies undertaken to deliver the concept in class. This will help the child to grasp further lessons of higher grades easily and quickly. 
  5. The Olympiad is also prominent in nature for the ones who want to step ahead of the grades they are studying in. For the Olympiad, various books are being taken into consideration like Mathematics books written by R.S. Aggarwal and R.D. Sharma. NCERT is a basic book that is undertaken as a base for all grades. Thereafter, Mind maps of various chapters available for practice are also provided by a maths tutor. 
  6. Online technology skills have become the need of the hour for the students as well as teachers. Teaching mathematics online can be considered best when the required equipment is present with the maths tutor and learner.
  7. Most importantly, various interactive activities and techniques can be incorporated by a maths tutor in order to present the concept in a way better than offline mode. 


       Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a math tutor cost per hour?

Rs 350/hr is standard fee for maths tuition in Delhi NCR for online classes while it can be Rs 4000/month on monthly basis.

If a child takes up two subjects including maths as one subject then the fee would be around Rs 5000/month.

Do math tutors really help?

Yes. A maths tutor will help you to understand deep analytical skills in order to cope up with the mathematics struggles.

How To Book a Maths Tutor online?


2.Click on Book a tutor

3.Fill your learning requirement


How do I become a math tutor online?

If you have sound knowledge of maths subject and you are well qualified then you can Register as a tutor on many websites.

Link to Register as Maths tutor:

Click here to register as a tutor

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Tutor description:- 

I have been teaching in a reputed school of Delhi for 10 years till present wherein we have been equipped with various CBSE training programs in order to upgrade our teaching skills ( online as well as offline) .

 The charges I have been taking to teach are flexible as per the grade and subjects taught to the students.

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