Importance of personal tutor
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Importance of personal tutor



Since ancient time we do understand importance of the 'guru'. There used to be 'Guru Kul' where teacher an individual used to teach multiple students at one place.  Over period of time , things changed and 'Guru Kul' renamed as 'School' , a physical space where multiple students come together to learn something from their Guru/Teacher, where teacher imparts knowledge to multiple students. 

Gaining knowledge and understanding that from teacher apart from books and other resources is really, really important for student growth in that subject. 

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Importance of One on one Mentorship:

Time changed and things changed very rapidly due to Covid-19, digitization includes smart phone penetration, internet accessibility and due to few other things. 

In last few years, things went online and education started happening online on various digital platform. 

School, college teachers started teaching online in One to many format. But are we seeing drawbacks of this one to many format of teaching?

Though there will be benefits of this format but there are more drawbacks of this format 

Let's look at those:

  • Every individual is unique 
  • Every individual has unique requirements 
  • Every individual has different paying capacity 
  • Every individual has their own topic of interest 
  • Everyone wants learn @ their own space and with flexibility of time 
  • Everyone has different attention span and grasping ability 
  • Every student needs follow-up and wants Individual attention  from teacher 

  All above is not getting covered in traditional teaching format and that's why 

  Whole lot of students is lack subject understanding, they can't compete with their peers hence they lack behind in their careers as well. 


Hence is coming up with solution One on One mentoring where 

Student can learn at their own comfort and convenience and affordable pricing.

Here, on platform, you can select your topic of interest search and book for best mentor in Industry and start learning and understanding from that tutor at any time with minimal cost. 


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