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How to score 100/100 in Class 11 and 12 CBSE Computer Science exam?


CBSE has divided the syllabus into 2 terms i.e. term 1 and term 2. Term1 is purely MCQ-based and Term2 is subjective. We are providing a detailed preparation strategy to conquer the Computer Science exam for classes XI and XII. The Strategy has been finalized by expert Computer science tutors of urbantution. You can avail free demo for Computer science and Informatics Practices subjects from the best Computer science tutors and Information Practices tutors.


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TERM 1(Preparation Strategy)

  1. For term1 solve the practice output question too much because it's a scoring questions.
  2. Go through Sumita Arora book as it has a lot of output-type questions.
  3. Run the programs as much as it possible.
  4. Solve the sample papers by Arihant and Oswal.
  5. Even if you do not know a question please attempt it you never know there might be grace marks.
  6. Take previous year's question paper and try to solve.
  7. 1st day just practice and understand concepts, clear them from your teacher or online.
  8. 2nd day just practice previous year question papers and pre-board papers as teachers generally know how questions generally come in boards.
  9. For most of the students, class 11 is like a transition phase after the class 10 board exams. There is no pressure of studies, we study when we want without caring much for the scores and end up messing everything.Also syllabus for class 11 is more in comparision of class 10.
  10. As your grade 12 contains the syllabus from grade 11 as a python revision tour(1 and 2) , your fundamentals need to be clear from grade 11.
  11. From Sumita Arora book read line by line, highlight the important points.
  12. Thoroughly practice the NCERT's.

TERM 2(Preparation Strategy)

  1. For term2  first learn all the theories.
  2. After you finish a chapter try to attempt questions based on that chapter. You will be surprised to discover how much you missed. Read again so that you are able to answer the questions properly. At this point, you may consult a help book to check your answer but only after attempting the answer yourself.
  3. Attempt all types of questions; objective, multiple-choice, short answer, and long answer. Take questions from previous years papers. These are in fact the best source. If the topic has a diagram, draw a neat diagram yourself and label it and understand the process from it.

       Syllabus wise preparation(Class XI)

  1. Do your preparation according to the syllabus


          Unit1:computer system organization

          Unit 2:computational thinking and programming-1(PYTHON)


          UNIT2: computational thinking and programming-1(PYTHON)

          UNIT-3: Society, Law, and Ethics

          Syllabus wise preparation(Class XII)


          Unit1:Python revision tour -1 and 2.

                     Computational thinking and programming-2(PYTHON)


          UNIT1: Computational thinking and programming-2(PYTHON)

                       Data structure

          UNIT-2: Computer Networks

          UNIT-3:Database Management           

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Computer Science for class 12

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         During examination

  1. Attempt your paper neatly.
  2. As Term1 is basically MCQ-based, you will be provided with the OMR sheet, darken the circle properly, fill the square box properly and also darken the unattempted question properly.
  3. Basically, your paper should be eye-soothing for the examiner. The tutor should feel you know everything from the very first answer. For that you should attempt your paper in a sequence of the question paper.
  4. As term2 will be subjective, use bullet points to answer your question, if it is a difference between questions,then make two-column and represent In bullet points for both the column.

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