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Course Description

Informatics Practices is a course to get acquainted with computer terminologies and operation handling. The aim of the subject is to make a student: Understand the application development process. Gain programming skills in front-end application development. Gain skills in Database Creation and querying using ANSI SQL.

What you'll learn

Understand aggregation operations.
Learn descriptive statistics
and re-indexing columns in a Data Frame.
Apply functions row-wise and element-wise on a Data Frame.
Understand basic software engineering: models activities business use-case diagrams.
Understand version control systems.
Connect a Python program with a SQL database
and learn aggregation functions in SQL
Have a clear understanding of cyber ethics and cybercrime
Understand the value of technology in societies.
Understand gender and disability issues and the technology behind biometric ids.


A Computer
Willing to learn about Informatics Practices

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